Portable Gas Chromatograph GCS-02F

Detector: Electron Capture Detector (ECD), ionization source – Ni-63.
Gas-carrier: argon.
Sample input: concentrator for gas analysis.

The cartridge, concentrators and sampling device for distant sampling are included in the complete set.

The sampling is carried out by:

– adsorptive concentration of microadmixtures contained in ambient air, during the air pumping though the sample trap as an adsorbent;
– preparation of liquid samples and further putting them on the concentrator.

Technical characteristics

Detector type: Electron Capture
Gas-carrier: argon or nitrogen
Typical substances: Electron-acceptor substances (nitro-, halogen-, phosphorous-containing compounds), in particular, explisives, pesticides.
Detection limit to particular compounds: Standart – better than 1 pg lindane
RDX: 16,0 pg
TNT: 3,0 pg
PETN: 5,0 pg