Paradox Insight

Paradox Insight™ Self-Monitoring Application

Paradox Insight™ App self-monitoring app allows immediate access to the HD77 / HD77W camera(s) to efficiently manage multiple secure locations (e.g., home, office, elderly parents’ home). With Insight mobile app, users can:

Paradox EVOHD

EVOHD is an enhanced version of the EVO192, it is the core of the Insight system, with support of the HD77 / HD77W.

Paradox HD77 / HD77W Camera

The Paradox Insight™ HD77 / HD77W camera is a highly reliable HD video (720p in color) and high-quality audio PIR camera that delivers unlimited live HD video and audio streaming to allow users to see and hear events and activities and to protect their homes or businesses anytime, anywhere, directly from a smartphone.