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Audiotel International Limited’s Sri Lankan agent is Safrex International (Pvt) Ltd. Audiotel International design, develop and manufacture a wide range of high quality, covert audio surveillance products for law enforcement and government agencies around the world.
ied detection - SB10-MD
Effectively locate concealed improvised explosive devices

The new SB10-MD is our latest high performance, lightweight, Non Linear Junction (NLJ) and Metal Detector.

For use by specialist search teams employed in IED detection, the SB10-MD is lightweight and highly adaptable to a range of operational scenarios. An extendable monopod and an ultra-bright led display on the search head provide the operator with the information they need, right where they need it.

Quickly detect real time RF listening devices

Delta V Advanced is a compact handheld differential RF wide band detector. Measuring the rate of change in field strength enables accurate pinpointing of local RF sources, quickly and efficiently.

Designed to protect against real time transmissions from surveillance bugs by detecting and locating their signal, then using audio and visual alerts to guide you to the target. Suitable for people or object searching, whatever the situation.

The latest in handheld electronic device detection

Combining ergonomic design with a simple and intuitive user interface enables the e-Detect to be reliably used in a number of different locations and applications.

Although it is small and lightweight the e-Detect has been robustly designed and is suitable (and fully approved) for use anywhere in the world. This means that e-Detect provides the same level of protection, wherever you travel around the globe.

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