In 1995, Lenel launched OnGuard®, the first open architecture security platform, to help customers achieve ultimate integration flexibility on every aspect of their system, from access control and video management to operating systems and databases. Today, Lenel provides solutions for corporations worldwide, including Fortune 100 firms, financial institutions, universities and government facilities. Lenel’s Sri Lankan agent is Safrex International (Pvt) Ltd.

Our line of intelligent keypads and readers includes tamperproof and dual-verification options to meet any high-security challenge. Multi-technology, proximity and smart card readers work with both new and existing infrastructure for cost-effective access control.
BlueDiamond Mobile Readers

Lenel BlueDiamond Mobile readers are part of the complete BlueDiamond mobile solution, incorporating Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy technology.

Features & Functionality
  • Support for Lenel BlueDiamond mobile credentials via Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy
  • Multi-tech models offer simultaneous support for:
    • 125kHz proximity cards
      • HID® Proximity
      • AWID® Proximity
      • CASI/GE Security ProxLite
    • 13.56MHz smart cards
      • Mifare® DESFIRE EV1/EV2
      • Mifare Classic – ISO 14443
      • Vicinity Card Serial Number – ISO 15693
      • HID® iClass Card Serial Number (CSN)
  • Wiegand, SF/2F or OSDP with or without secure channel encryption, auto-configuring with Lenel access panels
  • Slim profile
  • Fingerprint-resistant black textured finish
  • Optical tamper switch
  • 5-year limited warranty

Lenel’s magnetic card access readers are durable, dependable, convenient and competitively-priced.  They are capable of reading low and high coercivity magnetic stripe cards from Track 1, 2 or 3. Lenel’s keypads are available as keypad entry devices and a command keypad.  The keypad entry devices are indestruticble keypads that offer the ultimate in strength and durability where PIN entry and maximum security are required. The Lenel® Command Keypad serves as a command reader from which commands can be issued to execute local I/O functions.


Lenel’s proximity line of readers are durable, industry-standard readers that include wiegand or SF2F outputs. These readers are capable of reading HID Prox, LenelProx, Lenel Open Prox or ProxLite credentials.


Lenel’s smart card line of readers handle all applicable ISO standards (14443A, 14443B, 15693) and are FIPs 201-1 compliant.


Lenel’s multi-tech line of readers are the most flexible in the industry.  A single reader can support all applicable ISO standards (14443 and 15693), including the new U.S. Government PIV standard  These readers contain both 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz contactless smart card support in one unit.

Controllers and Modules
Lenel® controllers and extension modules provide enhanced flexibility while making it simple and cost-effective to expand your system.
  • Multiple Reader Technology Support – Wiegand, Magstripe, Supervised F2F
  • Up to 64 elevator control floors
  • Multiple Reader Technology Support – Wiegand, Magstripe
  • RS-485 Bus from controller to IO devices
  • Up to 16 reader support per controller (through Reader Interface expansion)
OnGuard Controllers and Modules
  • Multiple Reader Technology Support – Wiegand, Magstripe, OSDP, OSDP Secure Channel
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Up to 64 reader support per panel (LNL-X4420, LNL-X3300)
  • Up to 128 elevator control floors
  • Swapping boards allows migration to OnGuard
  • Plug-for-plug replacement strategy
  • Multiple Reader Technology Support – Wiegand, Magstripe, Supervised F2F
Access control accessories work seamlessly with your OnGuard system while providing additional convenience and functionality.

Enclosures and Power Supplies are required for any solution to be deployed in the field. Lenel® enclosures include necessary board mounting hardware for our controllers and modules. Similarly, the power supplies are appropriate to power Lenel Hardware.

ILS Intelligent Locking System
ILS offers multiple reader technologies, modular locking components, and wireless capabilities for commercial applications.

Versatile ILS electronic locks expand your access control opportunities into areas that were previously cost-prohibitive or difficult to address.

Featuring multiple reader technologies and modular components, ILS locks can be configured via wireless or offline integration. They also provide decision-making functionality at the lock point, so your facilities can continue operations even during power outages or other emergency events.

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