Over the past four decades, RISCO group has become a technological leader in the global security solutions market, with millions of satisfied customers worldwide and regional offices around the globe. Developing cloud-based security, video monitoring and verification, and connected home solutions, RISCO Group delivers innovative, top quality and reliable security products for every type of security and safety installation for the residential and commercial markets. RISCO group’s Sri Lankan agent is Safrex International (Pvt) Ltd.
LightSYS™ 2 / Agility™ 3
Wired / Wireless / Hybrid

Feel Protected

From Every Angle

Feel Close

Even when away

We help you provide full protection for your home and family with a single comprehensive

security system. As you go about your day, our smartphone app enables you to control your security system from any location and receive notifications regarding any status updates. In the case of an alarm event, you or your security provider will receive video clips and still images of your home, giving you the option to assess a potential threat and take the necessary actions.

You can also initiate live video with the touch of a button to check in on your home and family anytime.

See the

Whole Picture

Whether near or far, you can now feel in
touch with what is happening in your home.

By installing VUpoint IP cameras, available in
both indoor and outdoor models, you can verify
that your children arrived home safely from school
or check on an elderly parent, simply by using our
smartphone app, so that you can feel totally at ease.

If there is an alarm event, whether a suspected intrusion
or a safety threat, you will receive a real-time notification
with video clips or still images of your home, directly to
your smartphone, so that you can decide if and how to react.

The alarm system also enables the use of a wireless detector
that includes an integrated camera for visual verification and
direct communication capabilities via the RISCO cloud.


Your Home from
Top to Bottom

Your family and home are fully protected with our alarm system.

Our systems support both wired and wireless set-ups, so that even the hard to reach areas of your home can be secured with minimal mess and installation time. A choice of modern, streamlined keypads are available in addition to a wide range of accessories to fit your every need.

Protect your family and home 24/7.

End Elements

Detectors and operating devices:
Identify various hazards on site via detectors based on innovative technology. There are detectors that alert to home intrusion, while some other detectors identify a range of safety hazards (flooding, gas leak, smoke).

The operating devices in a smart home are components that turn on/off the lights, control the thermostat and open/lock door. These devices which require a wired or wireless connection to the main unit (panel). The number of connections are known as “number of zones”. It is important to remember that the greater the number of zones that are included in a system, the greater the ability to secure and operate more complex, larger buildings.

Main Unit (Panel)

This is essentially the system’s “brain”. It is connected to the end components on one side, and to an electricity supply (including a backup power battery) and communication channels (phone line, cellular, and internet) on the other. The panel interacts with the site, processes data, and transmits operating instructions to/from the various devices. There are many types of systems available on the market, from basic systems with 6 to 8 zones, to more complex systems that include up to 32 zones, and large systems, mainly suited for businesses, which offer hundreds of zones.

Control Devices

Advanced security & smart home systems can be controlled by various devices, including a keypad (or a touch screen) with a password , remote control, a special key, chip, computer via the internet and a smartphone app that allows receiving pictures/video, operating your smart home devices from anywhere in the world.

Home Security Systems - Agility 4
A wireless multi layered smart security system, modular and adaptable, with a sleek and new design. Equipped with state-of-the-art outdoors and indoors, wireless visual verification that delivers interactive, automated protection in every way.
Beyond DT Wireless Outdoor Detector

Unlocking a new standard in Outdoor Security Outdoor visual verification that keeps the intruder outside, minimizing false alarms, providing a new layer of security, making Agility 4 an even greater visual verification solution.

Home Security Systems - LightSYS™2
LightSYS™2 is a professional hybrid security system for the residential and commercial sectors that is flexible, reliable and easy to install. LightSYS™2 supports RISCO Group’s revolutionary live video verification solution, VUpoint P2P, a cloud-based platform that utilizes IP Cameras to provide real-time video streaming in response to alarm triggers or on demand, and RISCO Smart Home – offering comprehensive user-connected solutions for homes and businesses, with an exciting growth potential for installation professionals! LightSYS™ 2 supports 3G with multi-socket IP communication and cloud connectivity backup. Offering full flexibility, the system includes a range of communication options – including IP, GSM/GPRS, PSTN and long range radio – all installed within the main housing. LightSYS™ 2 also offers a wide range of accessories, including wired, 2-way wireless, and RISCO Bus detectors.

Now you can protect your home, business and family with a comprehensive security system that offers you so much more. Feel in control even when you are away with an easy to use smartphone app enabling you to control the system remotely and receive notifications regarding its status.
If there is an alarm event, you or your security provider will receive video clips or still images of your home so that you can determine if there is a real threat and if you need to take further action. You can also initiate live video anytime with the touch of a button if you have any concerns, to ensure that your home and family are safe.

Home Security Systems - WiComm-Smart Interactive Wireless Security
With RISCO Group’s WiComm Security System, you can now cut out the installation costs and expand your customer base by directly offering customers an irresistible combination of professional high-end security solutions with intuitive self-installation and a user-friendly set-up wizard. You enjoy new revenue opportunities, while your customers enjoy the best value proposal at a lower total cost of ownership.
WiComm – Installers’ choice for self-Install Security Systems

Your family and home are fully protected with the WiComm wireless system that includes an integrated camera for visual monitoring. The system supports all state-of-the-art wireless detectors so that even the hard to reach areas of your home can be secured with minimal mess and installation time. As you go about your day, our smartphone app enables you to control your security system from any location and receive notifications regarding any status updates. Protect your family and home 24/7.

Business Security Systems - ProSYS™ Plus
ProSYS™Plus is a powerful Grade 3 super hybrid security system designed for the commercial sector, supporting wired, wireless and RISCO Bus installations. The state-of-the-art solution offers a unique array of benefits, including a unique single hardware platform and flexible licensing mechanism with unlimited scalability up to 512 zones. The cost-effective “pay as you grow” solution eliminates the need to purchase additional panels to support expansion. ProSYS™ Plus includes the cloud-based iRISCO smartphone app to remotely monitor the system, integrated IP cameras for live HD video verification and “look in,” as well as a full range of professional commercial and industrial detectors. ProSYS™ Plus also enables the utilization of the latest communications technologies, including multi-socket IP, 3G.
One Platform for all Applications

Searching for a security solution for a small business, office building, retail outlet, logistic center, utility, bank or remote site?
ProSYS™ Plus is ideal for any size or type of application. The unique licensing mechanism offered by ProSYS™ Plus enables you to utilize a single control panel for
all of your applications with maximum flexibility and scalability, enabling you to save costs and provide a winning offer to your

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