Hand held / Walk – through metal detectors
Elektral® Inc’s Sri Lankan agent is Safrex International (Pvt) Ltd. Elektral belongs in the top 3 Security Metal Detector manufacturers that can produce the most advanced Walk Through Metal Detector (WTMD) Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD) and has achieved a number of awards.

The NEW ThruScan sX-i
The NEW ThruScan sX-i Renaissance in Metal Detection!! Elektral Proudly presents the Brand New ThruScan sX-I, which is in compliance with NIJ 0601.02 NIJ 0601.03, CE European Union Norms and is produced. Discrimination       The Excellent Discrimination ability of the detector allows to easily distinguish between Threat Objects & Non-Threat Objects from the top to the bottom of Walk Through Metal Detection…
ThruScan sX-WP
ThruScan sX-I is a highly sensitive ECAC Compliance Metal Detector which is famous for its accurate detection for Airports, Defence Ministries etc. Main Features The immunity of the detector to the Environmental Interferences and Environmental Noise makes it suitable to be used in all sort of environments, especially in Military Premises, Jail Houses & Courts where the screening is done outdoors Fast
ThruScan s9
ThruScan s9 is one of our most selling model famous for its performance for its comparatively low pricing. Main Features The immunity of the detector to the Environmental Interferences and Environmental Noise makes it suitable to be used in all sort of environments. Fast Scanning from top to bottom and high performance achieved by accurately pointing at the area where metals are detected on the people…
Designed to detect weapons, knifes and other metallic threat objects made of magnetic and non-magnetic metals carried on people. International Norms (NILECJ-0602.02 L1-5/IP53/EN60950 Class1), In Conformity to CE and in Compliance with EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-1 being produced under ISO 9001:2008 QMS. Conformity to ECAC(European Civil Aviation Conference) (Doc. 30) Latest Standards (TS 2418 EN 61010–1)…
Sibel - Russia
Sibel Ltd’s Sri Lankan agent is Safrex International (Pvt) Ltd. Sibel Ltd., created in 1994 in Academic city near Novosibirsk, has achieved rapidly the level of world-leading companies – developers and manufacturers of the security equipment.
Hand-held Selective Microprocessor Metal Detector OVERTONE


The hand-held selective microprocessor metal detector «OVERTONE» is intended for detection of ferrous and non-ferrous objects in dielectric and poorly conducting mediums, in particular, at inspection of people and small objects.

Portable Selective Microprocessor Metal Detector MOLE


MOLE is a portable selective microprocessor metal detector designed to search for and to identify ferrous and non-ferrous objects in dielectric and weakly conductive environments.

Stationary Multizone Metal Detector RUBIKON


RUBIKON is a stationary multizone metal detector designed to detect metal objects, including firearms, bladed weapon and metal parts of explosive devices, brought through the control zone hidden from a direct visual observation under the clothes.

RUBIKON can be used to set-up security checkpoints at locations of mass gathering (airports, railway stations, stadiums, etc.), as well as at sensitive places with the controlled access (governmental buildings, banks, corporate offices, etc.).

Scanna’s Sri Lankan agent is Safrex International (Pvt) Ltd. Scanna designs and manufactures Portable Security X-ray systems and Mailroom X-ray Screening and Detection Equipment for the Defence, Security and Industrial sectors.  Manufacturing in  UK for over 30 years,  we also have operations in the USA and offer  on-site training and support wherever our clients have a presence around the globe.

Gatescan-P is the world’s most versatile walk-through metal detector as it can be can be deployed and transported to virtually any location and be up and running within five minutes by a single operator! It has multi-zone or zone specific detection and is designed for use in demanding environments.


Scanna handheld metal detectors are robust and reliable and designed to meet the different requirements of high volume security checks.

The general purpose models 10, 11-S and 11-V are perfect for weapons detection or law enforcement officers, airports, nightclubs, bars, court houses, schools, events, VIP functions and other entrance security requirements.

The high sensitivity 16, 17 and 18 models are more suited to detecting smaller metallic objects such as razor blades and jewellery.

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