Sibel - Russia
Sibel Ltd’s Sri Lankan agent is Safrex International (Pvt) Ltd. Sibel Ltd., created in 1994 in Academic city near Novosibirsk, has achieved rapidly the level of world-leading companies – developers and manufacturers of the security equipment.
X-Ray Body Scanner VZOR-TS
Application Being able to see various objects concealed in or under the clothes of a person, on or inside the body may be necessary in the following cases: 1. Systematic or selective control of passengers in airports, railway stations, the public at stadiums, theaters, concert halls, places of worship and other places of mass gathering. 2. Control of personnel working with noble metals, precious stones. 3. Control at customs station. 4. Control of visitors at strategic and sensitive sites.
vmi - brazil
VMI is a global company focused on developing solutions for x-ray security inspection, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life in society. VMI’s Sri Lankan agent is Safrex International (Pvt) Ltd.
Spectrum BodyScan SV / DV
The SPECTRUM BODYSCAN SV / DV is able to provide high-level security in accordance with requirements for prisons, airports, border stations, and government installations. Designed with cutting-edge technology, the low dose along with reduced inspection time of just 7 seconds, providing excellent detection inside and outside the inspected body checking illegal objects such as, explosives, mobile phones, knife, guns, drugs, metal and wires. The Bodyscan solution can be upgraded with radiation shield cabin inspection, dosimeter, intercomunication and cameras.

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