sureSIGHT – Live Monitoring Platform
sureSIGHT is an integrated video management platform for IP cameras and digital video recorders. It is suitable for managing and monitoring hundreds of cameras simultaneously in large-scale operations and multi-site management.
  • Designed for live monitoring applications such as street monitoring, traffic monitoring & shopping mall security
  • Highly scalable design to cater for different applications needs
  • Simultaneous live monitoring of up to 64 videos
  • Video matrix displaying up to 400 cameras on video wall (For sureSIGHT Pro)
  • Seamless compatibility with TeleEye analogue and HD products
  • Video analytic functions (For sureSIGHT Lite & sureSIGHT Business)
  • Support ONVIF cameras
  • Model Description
    sureSIGHT Lite Single-workstation solution, Capable of displaying up to 36 live cameras, Monitoring multiple sites simultaneously
    sureSIGHT Business Single-workstation Solution, Capable of displaying 64 live cameras and 16 event driven cameras simultaneously, Suitable for small to medium installation
    sureSIGHT Pro Multiple-workstation Solution, Allow multiple operators to manage large number of cameras and video servers, Suitable for medium to large installation
Multi Zoom Windows (For sureSIGHT Lite & sureSIGHT Business)

Multi Zoom Windows allows users to trim 3 portions of live video feed to display and zoom in separate windows. Crystal clear vision for all details can be ensured.

Simultaneous Multi-site Monitoring on Internet & Mobile Network

Value-added Module
Value-added Module Description
siteMAP (SMAP)   ‧ Interactive multi-layer hierarchy
‧ Manages sites and verifies alarms through multi-layer site map
‧ Displays site, camera, alarm, preset locations
‧ Camera switching, telemetry control
‧ Indicates current event status
siteMATRIX (SMTX)   ‧ Performs digital video matrix function
‧ Designed for video wall applications
‧ Scale up to 400 cameras
Video Analytics   ‧ Intrusion detection
‧ Loitering detection
‧ Unattended / missing object detection
‧ Flow analysis

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